New "app" is first social network dedicated to football fans

WASHINGTON DC -- There's a new app available for college and pro football fans -- designed to facilitate a tailgate-like atmosphere between fans.

YellowFlag is the world's first social network dedicated to football fans.

Using the YellowFlag iOS app, fans can track, connect and share real-time updates about college and pro football games from anywhere in the world. YellowFlag introduces the concept of “social texting” to facilitate a tailgate-like atmosphere.
“When you can’t be there physically, YellowFlag provides a virtual tailgating experience to football fans everywhere, regardless if they are on vacation, traveling for business, or watching the game at home on their couch," YellowFlag CEO Josh Peyton said.
Peyton’s goal is to staff the company with fellow wounded and non-wounded veterans, seeking to both provide opportunity to those who have served the nation and capitalize on the leadership and innovation skills often found within retired soldiers.
To download YellowFlag for free, visit the iTunes App Store or go to