MU, Waukesha South grad launches FaceFitness, offering personal training through the computer

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- When you watch professional or elite college athletes to their thing, you can't help but wonder what type of training goes into getting their bodies to work the way they do. A former Marquette University athlete is willing to share her secrets -- for a price.

Erin Monfre seemed to be everywhere on the basketball court. First, as the 2005 state Player of the Year at Waukesha South High School and later as a standout for Marquette University. Now, she can be everywhere in her post-hoops career.

"It's actual live personal training -- just through the computer, so the clients can be anywhere and I can be anywhere," Monfre said.

Monfre, who now lives in Louisville, recently launched FaceFitness -- providing interactive personal training anywhere, at any time.

"Whether you have a tablet, an iPhone, a computer -- you can use anything. Someone could literally just set their phone up at an angle. As long as you can hear me, I can train them," Monfre said.

While Monfre believes traditional health clubs and boot camps will continue to have their place in the fitness arena, she is bullish on the potential of her product.

"Through FaceTime, Skype or if you have a Gmail account, it's called "Google Hangout," the way I train with FaceFitness is through the computer, and it's live. It's like setting an appointment with me. I'm giving you the workout. I can count your reps. I can tell you the sets. I can correct your body form. Any type of movement that doesn't look right, I can push you to the next level based on your body language, give you rest periods, all of that. It's constant interaction the whole time," Monfre said.

Monfre was the consummate team player on the court, but this is practically a solo venture, with the exception of help with her website.

"Honestly it was a whole lot of me. It's fun to kind of take the credit for it. The first week I launched, there was a night I did three sessions and didn't know any of the three people. One was right outside of Chicago, Illinois, the second was San Antonio, Texas and the third one was in Eubank, Kentucky," Monfre said.

Waukesha South recently honored some of its great girls teams from the past. Monfre was on two of them. She is a national exercise and sports certified trainer now and she may also be a visionary.

"With fitness, it's tough. People just try to find every excuse that they have and I've really tried to eliminate them all by making it so comfortable, so convenient, and literally I am here with you the whole time," Monfre said.

No matter what she's doing, Monfre is everywhere.

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