Milwaukee Bucks score points with Special Olympics athletes

MILWAUKEE --The Milwaukee Bucks don't play again until Tuesday night when Phoenix comes to the Bradley Center, but the players scored a lot of points Monday night with Special Olympics athletes!

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Special Olympics have been a championship team for a long time! Over the years, the names and faces of both organizations have changed, but the theme remains the same.

"For us to have the impact we have on the kids is always something special," Bucks forward Luc Richard Mbah a Moute said.

"It's just exciting to see how happy they are and how much energy they have, and it's always good to see a smile on the kids' faces, let alone the situation, and seeing how happy these people are, is great," Bucks forward Drew Gooden said.

"Sometimes you think your life is tough, and you have a lot of things on your mind, and then you come around these kids and they just have joy in their hearts, and a pep in their step, and they're happy to be out here interacting with you, playing basketball and having a good time. It really puts things in perspective," Bucks Assistant Coach Jim Boylan said.

"That's one thing I learned when I went to Europe, too, just the simplest things make people happy in life. They don't need to have everything," Bucks Point Guard Brandon Jennings said.

The Bucks players and Special Olympics athletes aren't the only ones who win on a night such as this one, parents of Special Olympians gain a great deal of encouragement themselves. "It's the atmosphere. It brings the good out. It's wonderful. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so it will be cherished for a long time to come," Brenda North parent of a Special Olympian said.

Linda Seymour's son Juan is a Special Olympics athlete, and says he loves Brandon Jennings, and these Special Olympics activities. "If it weren't for the Special Olympics and these events, he would be so bored at home. He just loves to come to all of these events, and I am very proud of him," Linda said.

Another Special Olympics athlete says he considers Jennings his favorite player, too! "I like to see all the Bucks people, like my favorite players. It's nice!" Mario Ogunbowale said.

The Bucks and the Special Olympics have been teammates for close to 25 years and just about every Bucks player appeared Monday night, along with several of the coaches.