Milwaukee Bucks announce partnership with Daktronics, reveal "unique" scoreboard design

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MILWAUKEE-- The Milwaukee Bucks say their new arena will have the biggest scoreboard of its kind in the NBA. Bucks President Peter Feigin announced on Tuesday morning, February 21st, a new partnership with Daktronics. The South Dakota-based company will outfit the new arena and surrounding development in downtown Milwaukee with state-of-the-art digital displays. The Bucks say the main scoreboard will be the biggest of its kind in the NBA. Aside from size, they say the way it's designed will give fans a unique perspective. "It's literally almost twice the size (of the Bradley Center video board,) which is hard to fathom," said Feigin. The team, along with designer, Daktronics, unveiled the digital display system for the new arena. The crown jewel: an overhang scoreboard with four massive, evenly-sized screens. Officials say the 24-display configuration features 3,922 square feet of video displays, enough to cover more than three-fourths of the basketball court below it. The four main displays each measure approximately 25 feet high by 29 feet wide and promise to provide high-resolution images throughout the arena.

"This is the largest in the league with four identical-size screens and the experience is going to be state-of-the-art for everyone in the arena -- not just the premium seats," said Mike McCarthy, Bucks chief operating officer. For those sitting down low, they'll see 16 smaller screens on the bottom of the scoreboard; those will display video and stats. "Traditionally, you've seen in an arena where they've had when they're going this big, the lower bowl seats have a harder time seeing the video board images," said Jay Parker, vice president of live events, Daktronics. PHOTO GALLERY Outside of the arena, fans entering from the north will be greeted by a pair of cutting-edge outdoor displays totaling an additional 2,700 square feet. The northwest corner of the arena will be wrapped in a 15-foot-high by 85-foot-wide see-through display, allowing fans the ability to still see out through the glass façade while those approaching the building see a large digital sign. "That allows you to have windows and be able to look through the display," said Parker, "But when you’re looking at the building, you’ll actually see a video image, an advertisement, or upcoming events." An additional 39.5-foot-high by 37-foot-wide curved display will be installed on the northwest corner of the new parking structure, greeting fans entering the arena district from McKinley Avenue with graphics similar to the one outside the arena. All together, the display system will cost about $10 million. That's part of the overall $500 million arena construction cost. While the public is picking up the tab for half the sticker cost. Due to the financing structure of the deal, however, the arena will cost taxpayers an estimated $400 million after interest. The arena contract states the Bucks are responsible for maintaining the arena and the cost of any future upgrades. Feigin confirmed that would apply to digital technology such as new display systems in the coming years. "I think it’s a good set up for us," Feigin said, "We are now accountable and responsible for the future." Aside from the overhang scoreboard, the Bucks and Daktronics say there will be 31 other digital displays throughout the new arena. They'll be in places like the entrances, concourses and ticket lobby.

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