Man that handled Braun's drug test lives in Pleasant Prairie

PLEASANT PRAIRIE -- According to a report from Yahoo Sports, the man that handled the drug test, and a key figure in Ryan Braun's appeal victory, lives in Pleasant Prairie.

Yahoo Sports was the first to reveal the identity of the man just hours after Braun referenced the collector, but did not use his name, in his news conference. They report that Dino Laurenzi has collected samples for Major League Baseball through his job at Comprehensive Drug Testing since 2005.

Laurenzi reportedly could not find a FedEx location that would ship the drug test samples after a Brewers playoff game in October. They say he then stashed them in a cooler in his basement for almost two days.

Laurenzi has a address listed in Pleasant Prairie.

No one was home when FOX6 stopped by, but FOX6 spoke with two of his neighbors. One says she's a big Ryan Braun fan so she's happy about the ruling, but surprised a big part of this story is in her subdivision.

Major League Baseball defended Laurenzi's handling of the samples in a statement released on Friday.

"Our program is not `fatally flawed.`  Changes will be made promptly to clarify the instructions provided to collectors.  Neither Mr. Braun nor the MLBPA contended in the grievance that his sample had been tampered with or produced any evidence of tampering."

FOX6 spoke with a bio-ethicist who says, if it's true, two days is way too long for someone to wait before sending in a sample.