Krill Korolev in final season as freestyle swimmer for Shorewood H.S.

SHOREWOOD (WITI) -- Krill Korolev is a senior freestyle swimmer for Shorewood High School. He says he started swimming when he was 10 years old.

Korolev says he stumbled upon swimming, as he initially wanted to take up diving.

"The sport caught my eye when I was looking for diving facilities," Korolev said.

Korolev says his favorite event is the 200 meter freestyle.

As for his inspiration, Korolev says previously, it had been the senior swimmers that were ahead of him in the sport.

"Now, I'm the senior, so I feel like I need to be the role model," Korolev said.

Korolev says his favorite memories involve being with the team -- citing hanging out with the team after meets is something he enjoys.

"After the meet, when the team goes out and eats somewhere - it's really nice. You get to know each other really well and bond," Korolev said.

Korolev says when he's not in the water, he likes to rest - and also enjoys hanging out with friends and fellow swimmers.

After he graduates, Korolev says he wants to go to college - and says he'll probably land somewhere in the engineering field.