Kimberly winning streak still alive after thrilling game with Fond du Lac

KIMBERLY-- The heavy favorite in Division one is Kimberly, riding a 67 game win streak facing Fond du Lac. Kimberly strikes first in the second. Alec Rosner up top to Joe Lemancik. Huge pitch and catch. Second half, Fondy making a game of it. Dylan Sieloff was running all over the place. Dodging defenders and finding his way into the end zone, and it's 21-to-14. More from Sieloff, on the goal line, and that would tie it up at 21 in the fourth quarter. Two minute drill for the Papermakers, 4th down on their own 48. 52 yards to the house DJ Stewart. But Fond du Lac trying to comeback, 4th and 1 on the 2 yardline, and the snap is fumbled. That would seal it.