Joshua Dreher: Making an impact on everyone around him in Kewaskum

KEWASKUM -- Joshua Dreher has been the general manager of the conference champion Kewaskum Indians football team for a decade.

Coach Jason Pittmann says that he's like Brett Favre when it comes to retirement.

Thankfully, Josh keeps coming back -- and making an impact on everyone including his parents, Nancy and David.

The 29-year-old was even in a movie several years ago.

"'All about Stevie.' It was taken down in Milwaukee," said Joshua. "A couple different episodes."

"Always wants to be happy, always wants to please you. He's really a blessing that the Lord has given us as a son," said Nancy Dreher.

"I think it's so cool. First, I care about the players and the coaches. I want to do it for them too," said Joshua.