"It`s an experience:" Some Packers fans make their very first trip to Lambeau for home opener vs. Lions

GREEN BAY -- Sunday, September 25th marked nearly nine months since the Green Bay Packers' last home game -- so it made sense for fans making their first trip to Lambeau Field to do so for the first home game of the regular season.

The Packers took on the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field Sunday in Week 3 of NFL regular season play.

Whoever penned the phrase "there's a first time for everything" had to have been talking about Lambeau Field.

"It`s amazing. I`m moving here for sure," a Packers fan said.

Packers vs. Lions at Lambeau Field

"Oh, it`s an experience. It`s Green Bay baby!" a Packers fan said.

Green Bay Packers fans like to go to Lambeau Field early and often.

Packers vs. Lions at Lambeau Field

Not only was FOX6's Jonathon Gregg on the hunt at Lambeau Field Sunday for fans enjoying their very first trip to the hallowed grounds, he was also asking veteran fans to recall their first Packers game there.

"Wow, I`d have to get out my calculator on that one," a Packers fan said.

Packers vs. Lions at Lambeau Field

Some fans struggled to remember their first Lambeau experience.

But there were plenty of people enjoying their first Packers game at Lambeau, and, at the same time, the Packers home opener.

"First time right here, first time," a Packers fan said.

Packers vs. Lions at Lambeau Field

Patrek Spinelli and three friends road-tripped from Montreal, Canada.

"We went to Chicago to see the Cubs. We went to the Brewers, and today the Packers and tomorrow a 16-hour drive home," Spinelli's friend said.

For many, the first time in Green Bay meant the first time tailgating at Lambeau.

Packers vs. Lions at Lambeau Field

"40 years old!" Spinelli said.

Jonathon Gregg: "It's taken you 40 years to get to Lambeau Field. Why did it take you so long?"

"It's far away!" Spinelli said.

Some were a little nervous after last Sunday's loss to the Minnesota Vikings -- but hopeful the Packers could pull out a win at home this week vs. the Detroit Lions.