‘It was just a feeling of pride’: FOX’s Jimmy Johnson reflects on first Super Bowl

LOS ANGELES  — As part of the FOX NFL broadcast team handling Sunday’s Super Bowl, Jimmy Johnson knows a thing or two about the biggest game in American sports.

Johnson won two Super Bowls as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. And the team he put together won a third Super Bowl with another coach at the helm after Johnson unceremoniously left “America’s Team.”

“I remember my first Super Bowl. We knew we were going to win the game. We knew we were better than Buffalo,” said Johnson. “So, walking out on the field — the jets flying over and Michael Jackson was going to play at halftime — it was just a feeling of pride.”

Troy Aikman was Johnson’s quarterback for those Super Bowl seasons. Both work together as part of the FOX NFL team. Aikman says he doesn’t recognize the Jimmy Johnson you see each Sunday.

“It’s taken me many years to get to know that guy,” said Aikman. “That’s not the one that I grew up with.”

Aikman went on to say he and his Cowboys teammates feared Coach Johnson. In fact, Johnson labeled himself a “taskmaster.” Clearly, he’s lightened up a little bit over the years.

“Here, we’re having fun with FOX NFL Sunday,” Johnson joked.

The 76-year-old recently showed another side of his personality. Johnson was moved to tears a few weeks ago when he learned he’ll be part of the 2020 Hall of Fame class.