Identical twins on UWM women's basketball squad

MILWAUKEE -- Players on a college basketball team spend so much time together in practices and games that they become almost like family, but no such transformation is needed for a pair of sisters at UWM!

You are bound to do a double-take if you happen across the UWM women's basketball team this season. The rest of the Panthers did too, when freshmen Janna and Jasmine Swopshire showed up on campus. "Honestly, when we came in they were like, 'there's no way we can tell you guys apart.' I said, 'give it some time. I promise you'll think we don't look anything alike.' Now, they are like, 'you guys look nothing alike.'" Janna said.

Coach Sandy Botham knows which twin is which, although she goes out of her way to switch the names on occasion. That's a form of payback for some early-season hijinks. "During practice, we switched jerseys and Coach Botham laughed about it. We were a little nervous to do it, but one of the other coaches suggested we try it," Janna said.

Janna and Jasmine are from the St. Louis area, and they have an older brother playing at Louisville, but they shared a plan to come to Milwaukee. "Definitely playing together. We're a package deal. Twin telepathy I guess you might say," Janna and Jasmine said.

Wins have been hard to come by for a young Panthers squad, but the Swopshire sisters say they are thrilled to be growing as players, and women in the program. Janna plays a little bit more, Jasmine has a higher jersey number, and they don't wear the same color nail polish. They share more than they don't, however, including a course of study: undecided. "I'm sure we'll end up doing the same thing. Usually Jasmine does what I do, so that's how it goes I guess," Janna said.

"It's the best situation. I honestly think it was the best choice to stick together. I don't know what I'd do without my sister being here for me in college," Janna said.