'I like him:' Wendy Williams weighs in on 'Drake drama,' calls Milwaukee Bucks 'a fairly new team'

MILWAUKEE -- Wendy Williams, who doesn't talk too much about sports on her show, dove into the "Drake drama" on Thursday morning, May 23.

Drake, a huge Toronto Raptors fan, has drawn the ire of Bucks fans due to his courtside antics -- on full display during Game 3 and Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Toronto.

Wendy Williams jumped into the discussion, saying of Drake, "I like him," and saying the point in sports battle is to distract your opponent. Wendy Williams then went on to throw out some inaccurate facts on the history of the Milwaukee Bucks, calling them "a fairly new team." The Bucks have been around since 1968; the Raptors since 1995.

Below are Wendy's comments on the Drake situation ahead of Game 5 Thursday night in Milwaukee:

"People in Milwaukee are saying, 'This is distracting to the game. What is he doing? We're calling foul on Drake. Take his tickets away.' My thought is, well, Milwaukee, if you had a giant star -- and shoutout to everybody in Milwaukee -- only an hour and a half from Chicago. I kept seeing the signs, but Milwaukee -- I was trying to find out through our Hot Topics Bureau who your biggest star is on your team, you know what I mean? I couldn't -- they didn't -- they said it's a fairly new team. Fairly new? Oh, well congratulations on the newness of your team, and it is intrusive what Drake is doing? It is very distracting, but you know what? Isn't that the name of the game when you're trying to win? You always distract your opponent with something?"

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