"Hey! You're the guy in the commercial!" Packers season ticket holder in national commercial for NFL

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- Do you know Jim McGrath? You'll likely be seeing a lot of him during NFL games this year.
The Green Bay man and his family were asked to be part of a national commercial for the league!

69-year-old Jim McGrath has a set routine for Packers game days.

"I get up, I have a little breakfast. I come out here and park cars. The grandchildren come down and help park cars, and we leave about half-hour before the game," McGrath said.
It's a family affair for the season ticket holder of 43 years. Earlier this summer, the Packers ticket office called, wanting to see if he would be willing to star in a national NFL commercial.

"I said, 'sure.' They needed my permission. I submitted my name, and then I got Skyped. I had never heard what Skyping was - with the casting director from Beverly Hills, California," McGrath said.

McGrath didn't have to take his talents to L.A. The film crew came to him, his daughter Amy and two grandkids, Teegan and Brooklyn.

"Here I am, 69-years-old -- first time in my life I'm having makeup put on me," McGrath said.

The commercial promotes the official ticket exchange program of the NFL. That program allows season ticket holders to safely sell their seats on the open market, while telling fans what they need to know about the game day environment.

"Dress warm - gloves, hats, warm boots," McGrath said.

Since the commercial first aired in week one?

"My phone kept going off. Over 80 messages from people that know me. 'We just seen you on TV,'" McGrath said.

You can say McGrath and his grandchildren have somewhat of a following.

"Six different groups stopped and said, 'Hey! You're the guy in the commercial!'" McGrath said.

"Some of my friends came up to me and said, 'we saw you in a Packer commercial, or the Ticket Exchange commercial,' so yeah," Teegan VanGheem said.

"I'm honored the NFL picked my family and myself to do the commercial," McGrath said.

But don't think McGrath hawks his tickets very often.

"Two or three times a year, if somebody in the family can't go. I always go," McGrath said.

Celebrity-sightings aside, McGrath says the commercial has helped him outside the stadium -- particularly in the dating scene.