He'll do it "until they carry me out of here!" Meet 92-year-old Lou Montgomery, an usher at Miller Park

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Despite another loss on Wednesday, July 2nd in Toronto, the first-place Milwaukee Brewers have generated lots of excitement for their fans. One of them gets to see the team play every game at Miller Park!

"It's a good feeling to know that people here are family to me -- treat me wonderful, treat me wonderful," Lou Montgomery said.

As a lifelong baseball fan -- and an usher in the press box at Miller Park, 92-year-old Montgomery is living the dream.

As a youngster growing up in Indiana, he listened to Cubs games on WGN radio with his dad and his uncle.

Of course, there was no television back then!

"When I got into high school, we would carpool and either go to St. Louis or Cincinnati to see Cubs games. On the old two-lane roads, it was about 242 miles to Cincinnati and about 250 to St. Louis," Montgomery said.

But seeing the games wasn't enough for Montgomery.

The self-proclaimed baseball "wanna be" in high school didn't make it as a player, but he wound up being the student manager and the sports editor.

Later, there was an opening in the front office of a semi-pro baseball team his friend played on.

"During that time I was not only the business manager, but I was the official scorer, public address announcer, ran a little concession stand, hired the groundskeeper, hired the umpires on the weekends when we played out of town" Montgomery said.

That was fun -- but Montgomery had a love affair of another kind with Marian, his beautiful bride of almost 68 years!

"She's the only girl I dated after I met her. I have the most wonderful wife a person could have," Montgomery said.

The two had a couple of kids by the time Montgomery went to work for the semi-pro team, and the hours weren't conductive to raising a family.

In 1966, the family moved to Milwaukee.

Montgomery went to work for a major appliance company and retired 33 years later.

He became an usher for the Milwaukee Brewers in 1987.

Memories? Montgomery has a few!

"When we won the Wild Card race in 2008 -- which is my first time to see any play beyond the regular season, so that was great. It was great when we won the pennant in 2011. Robin Yount getting his 3,000th hit. Nolan Ryan getting his 300th game at Old County Stadium -- I've loved every minute I've worked with the Brewers," Montgomery said.

Montgomery wouldn't change a thing about his life -- except for maybe trying to make it as a player for a little while longer.

"All around, I've had a great life. Very much blessed," Montgomery said.

Montgomery says sports are important to his wife, too. In fact, Marian had to break their first date because she had forgotten that she was bowling in a league that night!