'He grew up on it:' Jeremy Jeffress' food truck, 'Bread & Butter' opens May 5 outside Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- Pitchers, in general, don't want to serve anything up when they're on the mound, but one Milwaukee Brewers hurler will soon serve up something he hopes you'll find delicious.

Jeremy Jeffress' bread and butter usually arrives late in games, when the Brewers are hungry for a win.

"Brand new truck just arrived. The guy right there, brought to you by Jeremy Jeffress," said Alfred Ford, chef.

Jeffress will deliver something to satisfy the hunger of Milwaukee Brewers fans.

Alfred Ford

"Jeremy is a fish, shrimp, shrimp guy, with the fries and coleslaw every time. That's his order," said Ford.

JJ's Bread & Butter

Fresh from the Bread & Butter food truck, Ford, a chef and friend of Jeffress, will serve up all of the reliever's favorites.

"These are our babies, bread and butter. We are going to do our fish, shrimp scallops right here. You see it. I want you all to look at it. Hopefully you will love it," said Ford.

Ford's love of everything on the menu started at a restaurant in Virginia -- a childhood favorite of Jeffress -- owned by Ford's dad.

"Jeremy used to come in and he'd bring his little dates. They'd come and he knew he could impress them with a nice piece of shrimp," said Ford.

JJ's Bread & Butter

Now, Jeffress hopes to impress a different audience -- putting something special on the menu.

"Bossman says he wants tacos, because he's promised the guys on the team, especially, tacos," said Ford.

Like the menu, the catchy name took a little brainstorming.

JJ's Bread & Butter

"I was like, 'With this baseball, man, you are good, but I got to do something. We have to figure out what to do so when you finish baseball, you'll have something to fall back on -- your bread and butter.' And he was like, 'What?' I was like, 'What do you mean?' He was like, 'I like what you just said -- Bread & Butter.' I was like, 'Bread & Butter? JJ's Bread & Butter. OK let's do it,'" said Ford.

The true secret to Jeffress' success will add to the flavor of the experience of watching the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park.

JJ's Bread & Butter

"Like I said, it's the American dream, Jeremy use to eat this food when he was a kid. He grew up on it. Made sure -- that's what gave him that 100 mile an hour fast ball," said Ford.

JJ's Bread and Butter will have a soft opening outside Miller Park during the Brewers homestand vs. the Colorado Rockies. The grand opening is set for May 5, outside Miller Park before the Brewers/Mets matchup. That's also Jeremy Jeffress Bobblehead Day.