Greendale senior QB returns to football after two year hiatus

He walked away from football for two years, but now that he is back, one Greendale senior could not be playing any better. That's why he is this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I played freshman year and then after that I kind of took a break," said Zach Sheridan. "I did not play my sophomore or junior year. Then senior year I told all my friends I would come back and play for them. So far it has been great."

Sheridan never played varsity football before this season, but he now has the Panthers at 8-0.

"Honestly, to come back, I don't think it was that much pressure," Sheridan said. "It was more just that I owed it to my teammates and all my friends. Will Vaile has been one of my best bros since kindergarten and now to be playing, he is my tight end and leading receiver, and I am his quarterback. It's awesome."

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When he's not playing football, Sheridan enjoys playing golf and basketball.

"Yeah, there is time to relax and when I notice that time I really take advantage of it," said Sheridan. "I will sit there on the couch just watching TV with my little brother. Friday nights after the game, I know he has a game on Saturday morning so I will go watch him play. Relax on the sideline or in the stands. So it's fun."

Sheridan is currently taking courses at Waukesha County Technical College as a part of the Tool and Die Making program. He hopes to follow that career path after graduating from Greendale.

"I took a tour at my dad's work, Milwaukee Tool," Sheridan said. "Then the head of that program kind of talked me into it. He made it seem really interesting. Obviously the money portion, but other than that it seemed pretty cool taking the tour and seeing all the machines."