Green Bay Packers ditching print-at-home tickets for mobile option

GREEN BAY -- The Green Bay Packers will no longer have print-at-home (better known as PDF) tickets as part of a League-wide mandate. The Packers announced Tuesday, June 26 fans will use Mobile Tickets instead. Those who sell and forward tickets, as well as those who buy them on the secondary market, should make note of the changes.

According to a news release, the team will continue to mail paper tickets to all season ticket holders in July. Those who choose to use their original paper ticket to enter the game may continue as always. The original paper tickets are still valid for entry until the season ticket holder chooses to sell or send them electronically through the online ‘My Packers Account’ from their computer or smartphone, or opts to use the Mobile Ticket option to enter the stadium on gameday.

The news release says if a season ticket holder chooses to sell their ticket, they will be delivered as Mobile Tickets on the app. That means those buying tickets, or the one using the tickets to get in, must have a smartphone to access the Mobile Ticket app. While the “sell” feature is available now on ‘My Packers Account,’ the “send” feature will not be available until two weeks prior to each game.

As always, fans and ticket holders should not share their online account information with anyone for any reason. You can manage your tickets via ‘My Packers Account’ online or also via the Packers app from a mobile device.

The Packers and Ticketmaster recommend that the recipients of the Mobile Tickets add the tickets to their smartphone’s wallet or passbook to allow them to quickly access their Mobile Tickets on gameday in the event of limited data connections of Wi-Fi service at Lambeau Field.

For more information on the ticket changes, CLICK HERE.