Dillon says Packers 'playing for each other' during losing skid

The Packers are in desperation mode as their season looks to be slipping away heading into a key match-up against the Cowboys.

FOX6' Tim Van Vooren goes Beyond the Game with running back AJ Dillon as he explains what's to come in Green Bay.

Tim Van Vooren: "What are you playing for now? That's kind of a simple question. I know some of the guys in the locker room are saying every game is a playoff game now. Is it just get one and try to get it going? I don't put words in your mouth. What are you playing for now?"

AJ Dillon: "You know, I'm playing for each other, playing for the Packer "G", playing for everything that you've always been playing for. It doesn't change like you're not playing for anything anymore. I think it's just a week by week thing now and every game is a must win. So I think that's always been the mindset, but I guess the urgency for that win is a little bit more exemplified."

TVV: "Health would be something that would be nice to have too. It seems like game after game, somebody in a position group or a couple of guys there have gone down. How much does that hurt on game day, having to adjust like that?"

Dillon: "It definitely hurts. Obviously, losing guys who are in pivotal role, everybody is a pivotal role on the team. But that's why there's guys ready to go. And that's the way we practice. No matter if you're first or second string or practice squad, you never know when your number is going to get called. So you always got to be ready and prepared to go out there and do your best."

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TVV: "This was the trade deadline week. The Packers did not make any moves. Coach Matt LaFleur has never been in a situation like this. I know players say we play, we cannot worry about the GM, we cannot worry about the head coach. Those guys are doing what they do. What do you say? Is that really how you look at the situation here?"

Dillon: "Absolutely. My job is to go out there, try to be a positive influence and go out there and make positive plays on the field. Not to do anything outside of that. Just do that and be a positive role model on and off the field."

TVV: "The Dallas Cowboys come to Lambeau Field next. You know they're going to have a huge fan base. What do you say to your fans? You guys haven't played much in Green Bay in a long time. Now you're back for the first time in a long time. What do you say to your fans so that Lambeau is the Packers field?"

Dillon: "Just like always. We need you guys out there. We need that energy. We always say we've got the best fans in football, and we're going to need those on Sunday."

TVV: "And lastly, you were obviously a big part of the game plan today, even before injuries at running back. How much pride do you take in that? How much responsibility do you take in that, whether it ends up going well or not?"

Dillon: "I take a ton of pride in it. Anytime I can get on the field, my number is called, regardless of it. When I used to only play on special teams, I took a ton of pride in it. Now I still take a ton of pride in it. Any time I can be out there representing the "G" helping out my teammates and I feel a lot of responsibility. Obviously it's a team game, but me, in my head right now I'm thinking about the plays that I could have back, and you know how I can go back and correct them and do my best and put us in a better position."