Gilbert Brown asks: Can you put down a six-pound sandwich?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Could you put down a SIX-POUND sandwich?! It's a new challenge at Jake's Deli of Milwaukee! Jake's has teamed up with retired Packers nose tackle Gilbert Brown, and has created the "Gravedigger sandwich." If you can consume the mammoth sandwich in 39 minutes -- you win!

Jake's Deli Gravedigger sandwich

The "Gravedigger sandwich" has three pounds of corned beef, a half-pound of onions and peppers, a half-pound of provolone cheese, mayo and mustard -- and it's all piled atop a whole loaf of rye bread.

The sandwich costs $29.93 (for Brown's #93).

If you can take down this sandwich in 39 minutes -- your sandwich is free.

And that's not all!

Gravedigger sandwich (Photo Courtesy Jake's Deli)

Finish by the deadline, and you receive a coupon for a regular-sized sandwich (in case you're still hungry), your photo on the wall at Jake's, a T-shirt, sunglasses, and an autographed picture of Gilbert Brown.

"I'll need 39 days to finish that! It's incredible. It's unbelievable. If somebody's able to finish it, just -- mind blown," a customer at Jake's Deli told FOX6 News on Thursday afternoon, March 6th.

Finished or not, every sandwich ordered results in a $15 donation to the Gilbert Brown Foundation -- benefiting young people in Milwaukee.

Jake's Deli's "Gravedigger Challenge" (Photo Courtesy Jake's Deli)

"Giving back just a little bit. A little bit goes a long way, and they appreciate that. They support the local businesses, and you know, it makes you feel good too, at the end of the day," a Jake's Deli official told FOX6 News.

The same why you'll feel if you eat the whole sandwich, right?

"If you eat that, you know what? I'm gonna get you a spot right at Columbia St. Mary's in the gastroenterology department!" one customer told FOX6.

The "Gravedigger Sandwich" is part of a new menu that Jake's Deli is releasing as of April 1st, but it's the only sandwich on the menu which allows you to give back, after eating so much.

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