Gifted golf equipment gives kids another sports avenue at Milwaukee Academy of Science

MILWAUKEE -- New experiences can be scary, but they can also be appealing and exciting, and that was the case for some elementary students at the Milwaukee Academy of Science.

"I can't tell you how excited I am," said Kurt Hansen, physical education teacher at Milwaukee Academy of Science.

Golf is a sport many of the kids never had the chance to try before.

The First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin gives Milwaukee Academy of Science golf equipment

David Cohn

"We are really excited to kick off a new national school partnership," said David Cohn, First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin.

The First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin was behind the infusion of new equipment in the school's gym.

"We want to make sure we are taking the game to as many people as possible, to make sure kids have an opportunity to hold a golf club for the first time if they otherwise might not have that opportunity," Cohn said.

Hansen called the junior golf equipment a welcome addition.

Kurt Hansen

"I have been dreaming -- dreaming of being able to play golf every day with our students here and bring a game that is so much fun -- a lifelong sport to our kids," Hansen said.

Besides some great shots, there was something else on display as the kids learned the sport.

The First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin gives Milwaukee Academy of Science golf equipment

"I haven't seen this many smiles here in the gym in a long time," Hansen said.

"To be able to chip or putt and get that feeling when they hit the target is worth everything to us -- and to see the smiles on their faces," said Cohn.

"I was fun!" said Dylan Wells, fourth-grader. "I like chipping, because when I chip, it hits off the air and then got to bounce on the thing."

"It means just about everything. It's one more way for our kids to stay active. It's one more thing for them to do if maybe basketball is not their sport or if football is not their sport. It's a way to be active. It's a way to have fun," Hansen said. "It's another avenue for our kids to be successful, and the more chances they have, the better their chances are."

The hope is to expand the program during summer school and get the kids outside -- maybe even to a golf course to play.