From gear to grub, you'll find 'green and gold on everything' this postseason!

Green & Gold Zone

MILWAUKEE -- With excitement building towards Sunday's NFC Championship, you can imagine everything is turning green and gold in Wisconsin.

"I was looking for some new hats and I happened to stop in here and I found this one," said Kevin Webster, a Packers fan.

Webster made a stop at the Green & Gold Zone in West Allis, where his excitement for Sunday's game easily matches the store's ambiance.

"Go Pack go! That's it. That's all I can say," Webster said.

Green & Gold Zone

Owner Andrew Hundt has so many t-shirts in stock, fans could wear different duds every day of the year. A win Sunday could mean a new wardrobe next week.

"I do have some win shirts on order. They will be here overnight so we will have them the next day," said Andrew Hundt, Green &  Gold Zone owner.

Packers cookies at National Bakery

From gear to grub, the team at National Bakery is saving the sweet taste of victory.

Packers cookies at National Bakery

"We're putting green and gold on everything," said Bryant Krauss, National Bakery co-owner. "People are having parties, getting together and they are coming in here and supporting our small business."

Even with all the cookies and cakes, the only thing louder than your stomach growling will be the cheers come game time.

"It's selling as fast as we are making it right now," Krauss said.

Green and gold bread at National Bakery

There is still time to put your game-day orders in at National Bakery. The owners tell FOX6 News they have some big ideas for Packers Super Bowl treats. It's an idea we all hope to digest come Sunday.