Former Wisconsin Badgers RB Brent Moss arrested in Racine, accused of possession of cocaine

RACINE COUNTY -- Former Wisconsin Badgers running back Brent Moss has been charged with possession of cocaine (second and subsequent offense) and resisting an officer.

According to the criminal complaint, an officer with the Racine Police Department on patrol on Sunday, April 10th saw a vehicle turn without using a turn signal. The officer followed the vehicle and observed that the driver wasn't wearing a seat belt.

The officer initiated a traffic stop and spoke with the driver.

Moss was sitting in the front seat.

According to the complaint, as the driver was attempting to find his insurance information, the officer noted that Moss' hand was partially up his jacket sleeve. He then slowly reached his arm along his waistband area. The officer noted that Moss was trying to reach into his waistband near his right front pants pocket, and the officer feared he was reaching for a weapon.

Moss was pulled from the vehicle by another officer, and "struggled with the officers -- refusing to get on the ground as he was ordered."

The complaint says Moss was actively resisting attempts to take him into custody, and the officers had difficulty getting control of Moss' hands.

A Taser had to be used on Moss and he was taken into custody.

The complaint indicates an officer found suspected crack cocaine on the front passenger seat. An officer also observed Moss throw a folded up piece of paper onto the seat that contained the suspected crack cocaine. The substance tested positive for cocaine and weighed 1.1 grams.

The complaint makes reference to Moss' prior conviction out of Racine County for possession of cocaine in August 2005.

Moss played for the Wisconsin Badgers from 1991 - 1994.