Former Carroll football player Bob Brenner loses over 250 pounds

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Bob Brenner has always been a big winner on and off the field, but it wasn't until he became a big loser, that he gained back his life.

Bob Brenner turned out to be a keen competitor and a terrific football player.

After graduating from Westosha Central High School, he played on the offensive line at Carroll College -- now Carroll University.

Brenner gave back to the game he loved by coaching football at Carroll, as well as at the youth and high school levels. But when his playing days ended, Brenner started having a weight problem.

Looking back, Brenner, who is a detective with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department realizes there were issues in his life that he needed to address.

As an athlete, Brenner was used to facing challenges, but this one was a lot tougher than blocking a defensive lineman.

Remarkably, today, Brenner weighs a rock solid 220 pounds. He actually trimmed down to 195 for a reality TV show -- putting his total weight loss in the range of 250 pounds.

So how'd he do it?

Brenner cut out what he calls his "trigger foods," became accountable to himself and others and leaned on his faith.

Speaking of tough, Brenner stepped his game up when he visited the Wisconsin Club -- where Christina Hon'old is a personal trainer. She offers advice for anyone looking to shed pounds, keep in tip-top shape, or both.

Like Brenner, Cindy Kuhs has lost weight -- 35 pounds since July. She works with Hon'old in a circuit training program.

As a runner, Chris Korjenek has always been in shape, but the circuit training she goes through with Hon'old has values that go beyond physical exercise.

Brenner says his mission is to help others. His message is simple, yet profound.

Brenner is writing a book about his experience that he hopes will be available by September.