Fans urged to dress in layers for Packers-49ers game

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Where there are Packers, there are bound to be Packers fans, cheering on their team, decked out in green and gold.

The “Green and Gold Zone” in West Allis is one place people can get that gear, and Gary Anders, its owner, is the one who helps them. He says it's often up to him to help those first timers especially to dress appropriately. But for Sunday’s game, that phrase takes on a whole new meaning.

“Sundays game is going to be one of the coldest they've had since the Ice Bowl,” said Anders.

That means fans are coming in to shop for warm gear.

“The biggest things are going to be some of the sweatshirt hoodies, a lot of the knit winter hats, scarves are going to be the major things,” said Anders. “Being covered up and layered is going to be really important because you are sitting there.”

Frost bite and hypothermia are very real concerns on Sunday. Health experts suggest mittens over gloves. They also say hats are a must -- it's not just about keeping your ears warm, it's important to keep your body heat in as well. They say 40 percent of your body heat escapes through your head.

And then finally after the game, experts say get rid of any wet layers and wrap up in a blanket.

Dressing the part is just half of it. Health officials say once you are out there be smart. Drink warm beverages, and limit your alcohol intake -- alcohol can cause dehydration which can lead people to be more susceptible to the cold.

If you go to the game, health officials explain it will be important to pay attention to any signs of hypothermia. That includes severe shivering, dizziness, drowsiness and confusion. Signs of frostbite include grayish, white or yellowed skin, pain or numbness, and waxy skin. It’s important to get medical help immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.