Famed Packers quarterback Bart Starr making slow, steady recovery

GREEN BAY (AP) — The son of one of the Green Bay Packers most beloved quarterbacks says his father is making slow, but steady progress after recently suffering two strokes, a heart attack and seizures.

Bart Starr Jr. stood in for his father at a fundraising event in Green Bay Monday for the charity Rawhide. Starr Jr. was eager to tell the crowd about a text he had received just hours earlier while en route to Wisconsin. His dad had taken his first steps in about three months since suffering two strokes, a heart attack and seizures in Alabama.

Starr Jr. says he's cautiously optimistic his father will be able to return to the Rawhide event next year and also make an appearance at Lambeau Field. The 80-year-old Starr played for the Packers from 1956 to 1971.