Excitement contagious in Josh Gasser's hometown of Port Washington

PORT WASHINGTON (WITI) -- The Wisconsin Badgers are gearing up for their big Final Four game vs. Kentucky on Saturday, April 5th. This is the Badgers first trip to the Final Four since 2000 -- and the team is hoping for its first national championship in 73 years! They are just two wins away! Those in Port Washington are pretty pumped up -- as one of their own is helping to lead the Badgers through the NCAA Tournament.

Port Washington is the hometown of Badgers' guard Josh Gasser. In Port Washington, Gasser is regarded as a local hero!

You can't really go anywhere in Port Washington right now without someone mentioning #21 or the Wisconsin Badgers.

Al Uselding, the owner of Uselding's Shirt Shop is Gasser's great uncle.

"One of the many relatives. There is just a whole slew of them," Uselding said.

Uselding says most of the clan is taking a bus down to Texas for Saturday's game.

"I'm going to be back working here I guess," Uselding said.

Kathy Tank, Port Washington's Tourism Council's Executive Director says the excitement is contagious.

"It's all over Facebook. The restaurants and the other places are running Badgers specials -- come down and watch the game!" Tank said.

Tank says it's just another point of pride for the lakeside town.

"Port Washington produces great people that go on to do great things," Tank said.

Port Washington business owner Debbie Kline says the Badgers' success has translated into a demand for merchandise.

"In this area it's Gasser this and Gasser that. It's totally exciting to have somebody from this area possibly going all the way and with his talent -- and the family is so wonderful. They are nice people," Kline said.

Many in Port Washington say people are talking about Gasser and the Badgers -- and it's the kind of talk that makes the community proud.