Eva Shockey embraces outdoor life influencer label; 'Just part of our lives'

If you are in the Shockey family, chances are you would rather be outdoors than anywhere else. FOX6 Sports introduces you to Eva Shockey, outdoor life influencer.

Shockey is pretty relatable. She is married, has two young children, and is modifying her professional life as her personal life has changed. She is also pretty passionate – the avid hunter espouses an outdoor lifestyle whenever possible.

"We all live in this world where everything is fast, fast, fast. You order something, it's at your door. You need something, it's like everything happens," Shockey said. "But when you're outdoors and you're in the mountains, or you're in the middle of the Yukon where there's nothing around you, nothing is fast.

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Shockey's dad, Jim, was the namesake for a long-running hunting show. Once his daughter was interested in the sport, she went all in. 

Eva Shockey

"Ultimately, when you are hunting, the end goal is to get an animal to put meat into your freezer and then eat the foot. That's why I started hunting – to fill my own freeze because that's all I ever knew," Shockey said.

Shockey knows her lifestyle is not for everyone – and as her platform grew, so did resistance. 

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"I was getting, I think we counted 5,000 death threats in one day, one time," Shockey said. "So it was something that I was very used to, but ultimately all I keep thinking was, I believe so strongly in what I'm doing. I'm not doing it for shock value. I'm not doing it to get attention. I just love hunting and adventures and wild game."

Eva Shockey

Shockey says she is able to go to sleep and wake up every morning feeling proud of the message she provides. 

"I talk a lot about field to table recipes. I talk about leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle," Shockey said. "I talk about bringing your children into the outdoors. My 6-year-old just started shooting a bow and my 3-year-old shooting a little plastic bow with a suction cup. And it's just something that's part of our lives. We believe it, we live it 365 days a year, and now our kids, we're hoping and praying, that they love it as much as we do."

Eva Shockey

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Shockey will be appearing at the Milwaukee Sports Show in March to answer questions and do demonstrations about the outdoor lifestyle.