Dr. Dave Margolis helps kids at Children's Hospital 'wig out for the Bucks!'

MILWAUKEE -- A doctor at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin spread Milwaukee Bucks fever among patients Wednesday, May 15, ahead of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, pitting the Bucks against the Toronto Raptors.

During the NBA Playoffs, Dr. Dave Margolis let his patients dye his hair a shade of bright green when the Bucks played at home. All of his patients got green wigs on Wednesday -- an effort to allow them to "wig out for the Bucks!"

"We want kids to be kids -- kids have to have fun. Our kids happen to be sick. That's why they're here, but they're still kids," said Dr. Margolis.

Dr. Margolis said Wednesday he planned to continue dying his hair, as long as the Bucks kept winning.

Those interested in a green wig could obtain one by donating to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.