Defensive backs try to make impressions during Day Two of Packers Training Camp

GREEN BAY -- Saturday, August 1st is a big day for the Green Bay Packers at Training Camp as it will be the first day they get to practice with pads. But each day is big -- as players have a very short amount of time to make improvements and earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

Football is the ultimate team game at the NFL level. The sum always greater then the parts -- no matter how good those individual parts may be. So each player has a responsibility to be his best -- whether a veteran or just trying to scratch the surface in their career.

"I'm just going to continue to get better. Watch film and try to improve any way I can in blocking. Talk to the older guys and see if they can give me some pointers. It's just all about improvement," Packers Tight End Richard Rodgers said.

"Every day, I mean, there is always something that you can improve. You can get better -- and being a receiver, it's all about separation and, you know, there's different things that you can try out. Different releases, different things at the top of your route -- just trying to find different ways just to add to my game," Packers Wide Receiver Randall Cobb said.

"I try to tell everybody, every young guy that's in here, you know, anything is possible. Don't get too down, because some days you won't get a rep at all. Some days you won't even see your name on the depth chart. But it's on you to go to the special teams coach and tell him: 'Yo I want to take this rep' or 'can I get a rep?' And then still, they might not give you a rep -- but you still got to go in there and steal a rep," Packers Linebacker Jayrone Elliot said.

Individual improvement should lead to collective team improvement should and could lead to what the Packers want to accomplish this season in Green Bay.

On Day Two of Training Camp Friday, July 31st, it was the defensive backs who tried to make the most of their opportunities. Morgan Burnett with two interceptions was among the highlights.

"You know, it was a good start for us today. We just find ways to watch films, see what we did well, see what we need to work on and just keep competing with one another and motivating each other -- pushing each other to get better each and every day," Burnett said.

"We take these days when we can get them. It doesn't happen a lot. Especially with 12 over there. But I think the goal for us is we know they're going to have their days but just try to be as consistent as possible," Packers Cornerback Casey Hayward said.

"Thought the DBs did very well. I mean, they got their hands on the balls a bunch. Saw Randall had a nice layover there on the left boundary from the offensive viewpoint. So yeah that's what you're looking for," Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said.

"I'm never excited during Training Camp for our defense to play well because that means we're not practicing well offensively. But, you know, that's part of it. You're going to have, we're going to have up and down days all throughout Training Camp," Randall Cobb said.

Speaking of DBs, former Packers Safety Charlie Peprah started in the Super Bowl win during Super Bowl 45. He's hanging around Training Camp these days -- kind of interning a bit with the personnel department.

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