Dan Jansen continues to inspire 20 years after winning gold

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's been over a month since the 2014 Winter Olympics wrapped up in Sochi -- but for one local speedskating legend, there's never a closing ceremony.

Speedskater Dan Jansen became an inspiration to many when he won an Olympic gold medal at the 1994 games in Norway, but his road to gold wasn't always smooth. During the 1988 Olympic games his sister, Jane, lost her battle with Leukemia. Just hours later, Jansen was eliminated after falling during his 500 meter race.

The Waukesha native left both the 1988 and 1992 Olympics empty-handed, but finally struck gold in 1994 -- and 20 years later, he continues to inspire.

"I guess I've come to learn over the years, my story has gone on for 20 years now, because it resonates with people. It's not about skating, so much, or the Olympics, it's about overcoming and I think everyone can relate to that," said Jansen. "I speak from my heart, I tell my story, I tell the things I learned, I try not to push my agenda and let them take what they want from it."

Although no longer competing, Jansen is still heavily involved in the Olympic games, broadcasting to millions, but says his competitive spirit was hard to tame.

"When I started broadcasting for two Olympics, I thought I should be out there skating. I'm over that now. It's been five Olympics that I've called, but it's still hard," said Jansen. "It's not easy this side of the camera. It takes studying and studying, knowing who you're talking about and keeping up with everyone you cover."

Jansen says on top of broadcasting and running his own Dan Jansen Foundation, he is, first and foremost, a father.

"Just being a dad. All the things you go through as a parent, using things I learned from my skating career as a father, trying to teach my girls the priorities in life. It's not about winning and losing, but doing the best you can. The biggest difference for me is the perspective I've gained along the way," said Jansen.

One of the main reasons he continues to inspire so many.