Court dedicated in honor of Grafton basketball player Josh Davis-Joiner

GRAFTON -- Josh Davis-Joiner's heart gave out all too soon, but that heart touched many, including three young men who's love for their friend led to an act that will help keep Joiner's memory alive forever.

On January 16th, 17-year-old Davis-Joiner collapsed and died during basketball practice at Grafton High School.

Distraught, his teammates think of Davis-Joiner every time they play at Veterans Park. It was Davis-Joiner's home-away-from-home in Grafton.

Shortly after their close friend's death, in the midst of mourning, Davis-Joiner's teammates Robbie Doring, Jake Wilde and Kevin Collins decided to try to raise money to modernize the court and have it renamed in Davis-Joiner's honor.

The three young men, with more than a little help from their friends in the Grafton community, raised over $40,000!

The court dedication gave joy to Davis-Joiner's grieving mother Debbie, while assisting everyone in their efforts to move forward. Debbie Joiner said when God picked her son on the 16th of January, he was picking the best. Everyone who knew Davis-Joiner and who will always carry his spirit in their hearts, will agree.

Debbie Joiner said her son died doing what he loved doing the most -- playing basketball.