"Coming together for one cause, everyone wins:" Two schools inspired to build an all abilities playground

ST. FRANCIS (WITI) --It was a great scene before the game between St. Thomas More and St. Francis, the captains include 11-year-old Logan. Logan has been the inspiration for an ability center that's coming together in St. Francis and it's being done in concert by both schools.

Foes on the field, but friends off it for a greater cause.

"Logan is a shaken baby survivor, when he was a month old and hes been in special needs classes his entire life and I've been watching his friends and him grow up. I've seen he's got a few friends in wheel chairs and I said, why couldn't they have a swing? So I looked online and I came across possibility playground in Port Washington,  and I talked to Sue and she was one of the builders and I talked to her for over an hour and she was so inspiring that I decided I need to do that here," said Logan's mom, Jocelyn Borcick.

The schools decided to have a fundraiser.

"We got together with the coaches at St. Francis and asked administration and we put together a t-shirt sale, and the t-shirt sale has done phenomenal so far. The community has come together," Said Nic Kelly, St. Thomas More Assistant Coach.

"The Thomas More is a great partner of ours and we enjoy working with them, we want to beat them on the field and on the court, but we definitely like working with them," said Michael Lewandowski, St. Francis Athletic Director.

A rivalry that gets pushed aside for a great cause.

"It's nice to have the rivalry, of course that's great between the schools, but really coming together for one cause, everyone wins," said Amy Rowell, St. Thomas More Director.

At the St. Francis Civic Center there's more work to be done. Behind that, will be the ability center so youngsters who may be in wheelchairs that haven't had a chance to be on a swing like able-bodied youngsters have in the past, they'll have that opportunity.

Two schools coming together, rivals on the field, but they come together as one raising money for a greater cause.

To learn more about the all abilities playground at St. Francis, CLICK HERE.