Chiefs fan plans to open special whiskey from Super Bowl IV victory if team wins

CAMERON, Mo. (WDAF) – A Missouri man is hoping the Chiefs become Super Bowl champions so he can finally open a rare bottle of whiskey from the last time they won.

Mike Loyd hasn’t always been a Chiefs fan. It was his wife’s father, Milton, who first introduced him to football and the team.

“It started late ‘80s after I married my wife,” he told WDAF.

Watching the Chiefs on Sundays became somewhat of a ritual for Mike and Milton, up until Milton’s death five years ago.

“He was 76. His health was failing. He had a heart condition,” Mike explained.

Before Milton passed, he gave his son-in-law a limited-edition bottle of McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The Weston-based distillery made less than 1,000 of them to commemorate the Chiefs 1970 Super Bowl victory.

“I was shocked,” said Mike’s wife, Mindy Loyd. “I didn’t say anything. Mom didn’t say anything. I think Mike was a little shocked, too, but Dad gave him the bottle.”

Mindy couldn’t believe her father gave her husband the bottle because she has two older brothers, one of whom she said loves football. At the same time, she recognized how much football brought her husband and dad together.

“I think Dad had a special place for Michael,” she said. “He was there for him. Michael helped Mom and Dad out a lot.”

Mike told his father-in-law he wouldn’t open the bottle until the Chiefs won a Super Bowl.

“I wish he was still here. He would love this game coming up,” he said.

Now that Chiefs are headed to the big game, Mike only plans to crack open the bottle if they knock off the San Francisco 49ers in Miami.

“We’ll go up to Weston. That’s where he’s buried. We’ll take him a shot up,” he said.

McCormick Distilling Company doesn’t make much whiskey these days. However, their 360-branded vodka is the official vodka of the Chiefs. And if they win, the company plans to make commemorative bottles of vodka this time around.