Catholic Memorial senior discovers new passion in faraway travels

One Catholic Memorial senior shared his story of his upbringing from Korea to the United States, and a discovery of his love for a sport that spans the globe.

That's what makes David Kim this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

David traveled halfway around the world to get an American education while living with his aunt.

While staying with her, he found a passion.

"A lot of the other Korean kids that came before me, they already did fencing," said David. "I was just really curious when I was in middle school just looking at them fencing."

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David picked up fencing and when he went back to Korea during the summer, he joined a club, and it got him up to speed.

"When I went back to Korea over the summer, I went to a Korean fencing club, and they taught me a lot of stuff that I didn't learn here," David said. "So when I got back turned out pretty good against other fencers."

David says he enjoys competing in team sports, but fencing gives him a "different experience."

"I think I will go back to my Korean club after graduating just for summer break," said David. "When I come back I got accepted to Carroll. They don't have a fencing team, so I think I will just join another fencing club. I think I might be reffing high school tournaments next year."