Bud Selig gives inside look into modern baseball with new book 'For the Good of the Game'

MILWAUKEE -- Bud Selig has been many things in his life, starting with a Milwaukee Braves fan, and moving to Milwaukee Brewers owner and commissioner of baseball. Now, he's a published author on a book tour.

"It's really a history of 1964 to the present. Much of it involves Milwaukee, and certainly, all of it involves baseball," Selig said. "Did a lot of dictation, and it brought back a lot of memories, and when I got all done, I liked the way it read. I promised everybody, particularly everybody in baseball, that I would be candid, and so far, many people, including journalists, have said, 'Well, you were very candid.'"

The book is titled "For the Good of the Game," and there was a lot of thought put into that.

"It really is true," Selig said. "You talk about people in any sport, and it really is true, but certainly in baseball. They become great owners when their own franchises matter a lot, but don't matter as much as the what's the best interests of the game, or for the good of the game. So the title is very meaningful."

So will there be a sequel in the future?

"Everybody asks me that. I'm done right now," Selig said. "I'm not saying that I'll never write another book, but I doubt that I will. I don't like the odds. This is it."