Brookfield man needs your vote for MLB's "Fan Cave"

BROOKFIELD -- Many kids grow up dreaming of becoming big league baseball players. The next best thing might be getting paid to watch every inning of every Brewers game this season! For one Brewers fan, that dream just might become a reality!

At the tender age of 23, Elm Grove native Kurt Peter is living a dream. The former Brookfield Academy athlete returned to his Alma Mater as assistant athletics director.

When he's not overseeing a junior varsity girls basketball game, Peter helps coach the boys varsity squad. He'll do the same for the varsity baseball team in the spring - if he's still around!

Peter is a young man who has a lot going for him, so why does he want to spend nine months later this year living in a cave?

"I was sitting at home and I was watching the MLB Network and I found out about the fan cave on TV. It was a commercial that said - have the best summer of your baseball life, and I thought 'okay, well, you've got me hooked for the first 10 seconds,' Peter said.

Peter went online, read the rules and decided to enter the contest. He had to create a two-minute video, and write two 500-word essays - all related to baseball. Lo and behold, Peter found himself as one of the top 50 left standing, from an original pool of 22,000!

"This Wednesday the voting ends. They will pick a top 30 from that, and they will fly us out to Arizona for Spring Training for a type of 'boot camp,' that they call it," Peter said.

If Peter makes the cut to the top five or 10 contestants, he'll take a leave of absence from his job at Brookfield Academy to live in Major League Baseball's "fan cave" in New York City, where his new job will be:

"Watch baseball, all season long. All 2,430 games. Interview stars and celebrities and players that come in, that whole time - assuming you don't get voted off. Interact with the fans on Twitter. You blog about what you have experienced," Peter said.

So what will the "fan cave" be like?

"A ton of flat-screen TVs, a pool table. As much as the contestants would be watching baseball games on TV all day, it's also an attraction for the public to come visit and see what all the fan cave is about. There's a lot of memorabilia," Peter said.

As one of two finalists from Wisconsin (the other lives in Stevens Point), Peter has gotten support from his hometown Brewers, but he needs your votes if he's going to get to the "fan cave."

"Voting goes until February 22nd, which happens to be my birthday, so if you'd like to give me some kind of present that's not monetarily valued, find my video among the 50 other entrants and click 'vote for me as a favorite.' Votes will get tallied and hopefully you can send me to Arizona," Peter said.

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