Brewers stretch winning streak to 8 with victory over Padres

SAN DIEGO (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Brewers are the hottest team in the Major League right now after extending their winning streak to eight after a 7-1 victory over the San Diego Padres Monday evening, April 23rd.

The Brewers set the tone for the game early. In the first inning, Ryan Braun crushed w two-run homer to left center. The Padres pitcher hit the next two batters -- which set up Yuniesky Betancourt for a three-run blast to left field. Even before the Padres went to bat, the score was 5-0.

Brewers starter Kyle Lohse pitched five complete innings, but dislocated the pinkie on his left hand during his at-bat in the sixth. Apparently he caught the finger on the elbow of the Padres' second baseman.

The Crew scored a couple more runs in the fifth inning before San Diego scored any runs.

The final was 7-1. The Brewers take on the Padres in game two on Tuesday.