Brewers star's son adds to baseball family legacy

Dad was an all-star for the Milwaukee Brewers and now son is trying to add to the family's Milwaukee baseball legacy.

A first-year player with the Lakeshore Chinooks is not a first-year resident of the area. 

Seaver Sheets is the son of Ben Sheets, who was a Milwaukee mound standout that’s last year for the Brewers was 2008, when he started in the All-Star Game and also spent time in Whitefish Bay for Seaver's games.

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"My dad's last year here, I was six years old, so I remember like the last three or four years," Seaver Sheets said. "I remember a few of the places I used to eat and mainly the Brewers games."

From Cumberland School to Kapco Park, by way of Auburn and Louisiana-Monroe and Tommy John surgery, Seaver Sheets is a right-handed pitcher, like his dad.

"I got a call saying, remember Ben Sheets? And I go yeah, that's the first Brewer that I remember. Well, yeah, his son wants to come back to the place where he was born," Chinooks Manager Trevor Cho said.

While baseball fans of a certain age, and certain places around the country may have more of a reaction to the first name Seaver, around Milwaukee, it will always be a bigger deal because of the last name: Sheets.

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"I think for myself, it was probably more fun for me than I gave to the kids, you know?" Ben Sheets said. "They think the thrill's all theirs, but really it's just me getting away and getting the opportunity to step back from this season and feeling like a normal person."

And now, they're both linked together and to this area in a new way.