Brewers Carlos Gomez, Jean Segura linked in more ways than one

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Brewers pride themselves on bringing talented players up through their minor league system. However, two of their most important performers arrived via trades and then went on to make the All-Star game. That is just one of the ways they are linked.

Being the two Brewers 2013 All-Star representatives will always make Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura proud, but it won't make them stop working.

"Try to find the holes that you have. I've had a long off-season and had plenty of time to look at video and look at myself and it make me think, what makes me better?" Gomez said.

"I think this is one of the best opportunities I have had so far in my career, and I enjoy being here with the Brewers," Segura said.

The Brewers organization certainly enjoyed Segura's breakout performance last year.

He batted .294 with a dozen homers and 44 stolen bases.

Not surprisingly, he was treated a little differently when he went home this winter.

"A little bit, I'm not going to lie. A little bit. You feel that people look at me different, but I'm still the same guy," Segura said.

It is appropriate that Segura and Gomez made the Mid-Summer Classic together, since the natives of the Dominican Republic are tight off the field too. While the infielder figures to land a new contract from the Crew in his future, the outfielder got one before last year and justified that investment.

"I have honor, and I have a lot to give for the support of my family to be comfortable and that made me push to the limit. Even in the past, when I'm not doing good, I'm doing the same. Why now that I have everything, why not continue to do it? Everything that I have, I just say thank you to the Milwaukee Brewers, because they're the ones that trusted in my ability and gave me the opportunity to show the world that I'm a great player," Gomez said.

Besides being the Brewers only two All-Stars last season, Gomez and Segura share something else. They're both trying to get better at the English language -- whether it's talking with the media, or talking with their teammates.

"A couple of years ago, I was really scared to speak in front of the camera and in front of people, and never improved my English. Now, I feel comfortable. I am not scared to speak and I like to talk to those guys," Segura said.

"I'm in the process to learn a lot of stuff because my kid speaks English, and sometimes he helps me to say the right words," Gomez said.

Milwaukee is turning out to be the right situation for Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura.

The shortstop, who turned 24 years old on Monday, Mardh 17th and the center fielder will be expressing their enthusiasm, probably in English and Spanish in two weeks.

Brewers Opening Day is Monday, March 31st against Atlanta.