Brewers bullpen coach Marcus Hanel helps bring winter coats to kids

RACINE -- Racine native Marcus Hanel was a hotshot athlete at Racine's Horlick High School. He labored for nine seasons in the minor leagues as a catcher, before giving up on his dream. As the years went on, the popular Brewers' bullpen coach had an even bigger dream, and it's coming true.

On Thursday, November 15th, Marcus and his wife, Jill along with the folks who work for the Brewers Community Foundation visited two Milwaukee Public Schools elementary schools and delivered winter coats to kids.

It was all part of the "Koos for Kids" project.

Reaching out, whether in their native Racine or in Milwaukee, has opened the Hanel's eyes to all the need that surrounds each one of us. The Hanel's have also reached out to kids at Children's Hospital and have been involved in a challenger basketball league for kids with disabilities who wouldn't be able to enjoy the game as Little Leaguers.

As parents of four healthy children, Marcus and Jill say they'll carry all the youngsters in their hearts forever.