Brewers bringing back "Brewers Win, You Win!" promotion

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Brewers are bringing back the unique “Brewers Win, You Win!” promotion. Every Brewers victory between May 1 and May 30 will result in $1 off a Terrace Box ticket for the June 3 – 5 series vs. the Oakland Athletics.

The more games the Brewers win, the more money fans save.

The regular price for Terrace Box seat is $24. Every time the Brewers win a game through May 30th, another $1 comes off the price of the ticket. There are 27 Brewers games in May.

In recent years, “Brewers Win, You Win!” has proven to be one of the most popular promotions for the team. Last year, 11 wins in April resulted in a savings of $11 on Terrace Box seats. The 17 Brewers wins in May of 2011 gave Brewers fans a savings of $17 per ticket. The Brewers won a franchise record 18 wins in May of 2009 which resulted in a $10 ticket for fans.

Tickets for this promotion will go on sale beginning Friday, May 31 at 9 a.m. at the Brewers Box Office, by phone at 414-902-4000 or by visiting

Fans can purchase a maximum of eight Terrace Box tickets at the reduced price for the June 3 – 5 series against the Athletics. The actual price of the tickets cannot exceed free. There will be a limited supply of discounted tickets available and service charges will apply to phone and online orders.

For additional information and updates throughout the month as to the cost of the tickets, please visit