Braun avoids suspension, questions linger

MILWAUKEE -- Ryan Braun's fantastic Milwaukee Brewers career has been filled with "firsts." On Thursday, he came the first Major League player to have a positive drug test overturned. Braun will not have to serve a 50 game suspension at the start of the season.

Beyond having his good name and reputation restored (at least for the most part, no thanks to ESPN leaking the story in December), the Brewers won't have to try and defend their division championship without the National League's reigning MVP.

Questions remain, however; not the least of which is how Braun could have been put in such a difficult situation.  What about the validity of Major League Baseball's testing process - one agreed to by the players as well as the owners?

Perhaps as time unfolds, we'll know the answers. Some of them should be forthcoming in Ryan's news conference in Arizona on Friday at noon Milwaukee time.

In the meantime, gnashing of teeth among those in Brewer Nation has been replaced by excitement. The face of the franchise maintained his innocence all along; now he has the backing to prove it.

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