BLOG: Green Bay Packers Schedule Summary

GREEN BAY -- The Green Bay Packers already knew who they would be playing where in the upcoming NFL season, and now they know when.  Quite honestly, when you play a team is often a key factor.  That has worked in Green Bay's favor repeatedly for cold weather games in recent seasons.  So here's what we can make of the 2012 slate:

Every team is going play on a Thursday night, starting this season, so the fact that the Packers will do it in week two at Lambeau Field after a potentially bruising home game the previous Sunday isn't bad. The longest trip of the year follows that Thursday night game, so the toll on their bodies in going to Seattle shouldn't be bad.  Remember, they looked sluggish in the game farthest from home last year, San Diego.

CLICK HERE to see the Packers 2012 schedule.

Three road games in a row to start October isn't user-friendly, but all of the games are in domes, meaning consistent conditions, as far as preparation is concerned.  A bye in week 10 is a little late, but will be appreciated if the team is able to embark on a long postseason run.  Having four division games in December means if they need it, the Packers will have some control over their fate.

When all is said and done, it's up to how you play, no matter who, where and when you play.