BLOG: Any Time Now

MILWAUKEE-  The Brewers are not even 1/6th of the way into their season, and yet it is fair to suggest that they get going any time now.  The only starting pitcher with a winning record is Zack Greinke. First baseman Mat Gamel is out, probably for the season, with a knee injury.  At .246, he wasn't tearing it up offensively (especially following a home plate collision during the Astros series), but that average put him ahead of Aramis Ramirez, Nyjer Morgan, and Rickie Weeks.  They have lost series to the Cardinals, Braves, Rockies, Cards again, and Padres. They have lost a game to Jeff Suppan.

   In other words, this team is listing. Quite frankly, it is lucky to be as close to .500 as it is.  Home runs and John Axford have buoyed the club. More is needed. The manager earned his stripes last season.  The GM knows how to compile a roster or add to it, if necessary. The business staff has ensured that Miller Park will be jammed full.  It is incumbent upon the players to pick up their collective play, simple as that. Starting pitchers Randy Wolf, Shaun Marcum, and Greinke are all seeking contracts next year.  If that is enough to spur them, and by extension the whole team, there won't be any complaining.  Any time now.