Beyond the Game: Ripon Athletic -- a Berlin uniform supplier

RIPON (WITI) -- To succeed in athletic competition, a competitor needs to have talent, but it never hurts to look the part.

Pick a sport, say high school football, and you will take in a collage of colors, logos, names and numbers. The uniforms on the players serve to identify as well as impress, and in many cases, they come from a nondescript building in Berlin, Wisconsin.

Ripon Athletic outfits high school, collegiate and professional customers on three continents. Hank Derleth, who started in the uniform business in 1963, still knows his way around the plant floor, and the creation of just one jersey, mingled with the creation of many others is fascinating.

Ripon Athletic employs about 160 people and stresses its ability to fill custom orders with quality products.

FOX6's Tim Van Vooren visited Ripon Athletic and took a look at how these jerseys are made. Click the video link above for a closer look!