Beyond the Game: Former Bucks' Ray Allen

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Life has been good to Ray Allen since the Bucks dealt him to Seattle 10 years ago, in arguably the worst trade in franchise history. He has won an NBA championship, made more money than he can ever spend and made himself a sure-fire Hall of Fame player.

However, the 10-time All-Star who owns an Olympic gold medal and who has acted in two films has never forgotten his NBA roots.

FOX6's Tom Pipines caught up with Allen -- an All-American at the University of Connecticut when his Miami Heat visited town in March.

One of Allen's endearing qualities is that he's always treated everyone the same -- whether it be superstar teammates such as LeBron or D. Wade, or his old friends who labored behind the scenes when he played in Milwaukee.

One of the reasons Allen was so well-liked in Milwaukee was because he understood the fabric of the community and the people who are committed to it.

The 21-year-old who came to Milwaukee in 1996 turns 38 this year. Allen is in the autumn of a magnificent career. Business and acting are in his future, as is running a marathon. However, until he retires, Walter Ray Allen Jr. will give it 110% and do it the right way, because making a difference has always mattered to him.

We will never know how good the Bucks might have been had Allen spent his entire career here, but wherever he goes and whatever he does, he'll carry a piece of Milwaukee in his heart.