Badgers parties mean big business for party stores, bakeries

WAUWATOSA/WHITEFISH BAY (WITI) -- As some head to Texas to watch the Badgers in the Final Four, the rest of us staying behind are preparing for the game on Saturday night, April 5th. For some -- there is a party to plan, and that is good news for Milwaukee-area businesses.

The Badgers are in the Final Four for only the third time in their history, and the second time in 14 years.

The Badgers face Kentucky on Saturday night. Tipoff is set for 7:49 p.m. inside AT&T Stadium.

"It`s going to be insane," Bob Busalacchi with Bartz Party Store in Wauwatosa said.

"We`ve got people buying banners that we got right up in front here, buttons, beads. We`ve got it all," Busalacchi said.

An entire Wisconsin section has been the focal point at the store -- and fans are buying.

"I`ve got people calling all the time, `hey do you got this?'" Busalacchi said.

You name it, and Bartz's seems to have it!

"We`ve got towels. We`ve got these beads that have been selling really good. We`ve got the pom shakers. We`ve got latex balloons, stickers, glasses," Busalacchi said.

The list keeps going all the way to Kentucky -- the Badgers' opponent on Saturday.

"You never know. You might have that one person that, you know, went to Kentucky and happens to be a Kentucky fan. 'Oh you actually have it.' You never know. It is what it is," Busalacchi said.

At Regina's Bay Bakery in Whitefish Bay, you won't see any Kentucky blue, but you'll most definitely see Wisconsin's Bucky.

"This weekend it`ll be a lot of home parties, cupcakes, cakes, cookies," Megan Rodriguez said.

After the party supplies are gathered, it's time for the sweets!

"It`s been a lot of fun. These (Bucky cookies) are very time-consuming. I know they`re very popular. It`s fun to do the different cakes. It`s been a lot of fun," Rodriguez said.

While the fans get ready for the party, Busalacchi and Rodriguez are celebrating sales.

"We are rather prepared for all the cutout cookies and cupcakes that are going to be flying out the door (on Saturday)," Rodriguez said.

"It`s good for business. It`s good for the state," Busalacchi said.

If the Badgers win on Saturday -- it just means more beads and more cutout cookies on Sunday!