Badgers fans eager to buy Rose Bowl t-shirts

WEST ALLIS -- Fans of the Wisconsin Badgers want to make sure they're properly decked out when they cheer on their team in the Rose Bowl. So they're buying up everything that's red in the state.

Mike O'Leary is the owner of the Green and Gold Zone in West Allis, a sports shop that is seeing sales go through the roof these days. It's because the Packers are undefeated -- and now, the Badgers are headed to the Rose Bowl.

"This is intersting because it's almost like the movie Groundhog Day, where we had the same thing we had last year," said O'Leary.
From Madison to Milwaukee, fans are going after gear and snapping up shirts. But the truly new stuff won't be in stock until Tuesday or Wednesday.
O'Leary says the state's two favorite football teams are definitely fueling sales as Christmas nears.

"It helps the state, it helps us financially, it keeps us in business and it's a little spring in your step when your teams are winning," said O'Leary.