Badgers' basketball standout Alando Tucker on roster for Bucks preseason

ST. FRANCIS -- One former Wisconsin Badgers' basketball standout has learned just because you are a star at one level in sports, doesn't mean you will be a star at the next level. However, Alando Tucker is still taking his shots.

Tucker -- the 2007 Big Ten Conference Player of the Year is still hooping. Tucker is a non-roster invitee in Milwaukee Bucks Training Camp.

"It's an opportunity. Any time you can step on the court, it's always a chance, for me, to impress. As an athlete, that's all you want," Tucker said.

Tucker has 51 NBA games under his belt as a former first round draft choice of the Phoenix Suns. He has played in Spain and Russia, but is now back in the Badger State. UW's all-time leading scorer says he is embracing the familiarity.

"Being able to be back in the area, going to visit the Kohl Center, seeing Herbert Kohl -- it just brings back all the memories. Every time I put on a Wisconsin jersey and being able to set a lot of the records that I did -- that means a lot to me and my family," Tucker said.

Tucker said he recognizes his chances of sticking with the Bucks beyond the preseason are pretty slim, but he also knows that basketball has opened tremendous doors for him, including those off the court.

"I love the whole artistic side of everything -- the music, painting, writing -- I do it all," Tucker said.

As for whether he's any good, Tucker says: "That's for everyone else to decide. For me, I feel like I'm good. If I feel like it was a waste of my time, I wouldn't be doing it. It's something that I take serious. Anything I put my name behind -- I want to be able to do my best. From there, just like on the court, it's up to everyone else -- up to the coach and the fans to decide if I'm good or not."

While Tucker may have to take off his Bucks uniform sometime during Bucks Training Camp, he feels he'll still be hitting some of his preferred high notes.

Tucker and the Milwaukee Bucks open their preseason on Tuesday night, October 9th against Cleveland.