'Always good to come back:' Packers legend Donald Driver stays humble in Wisconsin

GREEN BAY -- It's always special when Green Bay Packers legend Donald Driver comes back to Wisconsin. FOX6's Tim Van Vooren went Inside the Huddle with the former wide receiver and started by asking him what he's been doing lately.

Donald Driver: “Being a great dad. That’s what it’s about. For me, just enjoying myself. I’ve opened up two gyms now in Texas. I’m pretty busy trying to give kids an opportunity to have a better career than I did. I didn’t have all the resources that we have today, so if we can give those kids those opportunities then they are going to go on to be great athletes but also great people.”

FOX6's Tim Van Vooren: “It looks like you’re still working out. I guess you’ll never let that go?”

Donald Driver: “I tried right after retirement. I tried to just sit on the couch and enjoy the fruits of my labor but I couldn’t, so every day I’m in the gym. I get kids challenging me. The young, high school, college and pro athletes walk in there thinking they can actually cover me. I have to bring them back to reality that even though I’m 43 years old, I have not lost a step yet, so it’s a lot of fun."

FOX6's Tim Van Vooren: “When you’re back here and at events, is the reaction what you’ve become accustomed to because you made so many friends and fans while playing – and after?”

Donald Driver: “I think it’s always good to come back and give to the people that’s given you so much. To me, that’s what it’s all about. I love putting smiles on people’s faces. I never thought that I was bigger than anyone else. I am just a humble guy. I grew up in the inner city of Houston, and my mom and grandparents taught me well. It’s that 'never think you’re better than anyone else,' because one day you’re going to need those individuals and one day they’re going to need you. For me, that’s what it’s always been, so I think when I come back, I still get the love and the respect, but I also give the love and respect to those individuals that come and see me every time.”

FOX6's Tim Van Vooren: “You’re watching this year’s Packers team and you’re thinking what?"

Donald Driver: “I say it at home every single week, and I watch the games. They have a great team. It’s just mistakes after mistakes after mistakes, and sometimes the talent alone can’t recover from the mistakes that you make. Back in the day, we made mistakes. We were able to overcome them and win games. It’s tough now. Everyone is faster. Everyone is stronger -- and the game has completely changed. The rules of the game has changed. The game is completely – I think – it’s gotten soft, so at that point, you’re going to see a lot of things that’s not going to happen. Every week we’re going to question, question, question and question but if you look at what the Green Bay Packers have done to this year, it’s just one play after one play that it goes from 4-3-1 to 6-1-1. I think you just got to look at those opportunities missed and make up for them.”